Produced from the blossom sap of the sugar palm

To harvest the sweet palm sap our tappers climb into the palm tree tops every morning and collect the fresh sap that has gathered in bound bamboo cases. This sap is then slowly heated up in small pots until finest sugar crystals build up. This way the palm sugar retains its unique aroma and its natural ingredients.

The finest & most sustainable sugar type

Palm sugar is the third most common type of sugar and the only sustainable one. One single palm tree can generate up to 10 tons of palm sugar in its life without additional water, without fertilizer and without getting damaged. The FAO has therefore declared palm sugar to be the only sustainable sugar type in the world. 

Less sweet & better digestible

Palm sugar has a 3 times lower glycemic index than glucose. It is therefore better for diabetics and is slower transformed into fat. Due to our slow manufacturing process also important natural ingredients like sodium, calcium and iron are being retained.    

Ideal for exotic cocktails, teas and desserts

With its unique caramel taste & its tropical aroma palm sugar fits great with any fancy cocktail or dessert, with exotic tea and coffee. With its fine structure and its low melting temperature it also serves perfectly for any cooking or backing recipe.