The drink of the tropics finally in Europe

For more than 7000 years palm wine has been known to be one of the world´s easiest & most natural alcoholic beverages. At home in more than 35 mostly tropical countries and with a current consumption of more than 4.5 billion liter per year palm wine still belongs to the top 5 most popular alcoholic beverages of the world.

Traditionally produced from the blossom of the coconut palm

To get the sweet coconut palm sap our tappers climb up to the palm tree tops every morning, cut the young coconut blossoms and bind a clay pot underneath it. Until the next morning sweet palm wine has gathered in these pots with an alcohol level of up to 5%.

100% natural & professionally processed

All we do to this naturally fermented coconut palm wine is to filter it with professional machinery and to bottle it. PALMS Coconut is 100% pure naturally fermented coconut palm wine - without preservatives, without added sugar and without artificial aroma.

Fine coconut meets herb yeast

For the European consumer palm wine can best be described as a mixture of cider and beer with a light sourness, a fine coconut aroma & a taste of herb yeast. It is best enjoyed ice cold directly from the bottle, as a toddy twister with a shot of Arrak or the Mexican way with apples, walnuts & vanilla ice cream.