Art & tradition

The art of palm wine tapping reaches back several thousand years and still gets passed on from one generation to the next. Every morning and every evening the so called tappers climb up into the tree tops, bind the young palm blossoms and cut of the ends.

Pure palm sap directly from the tree

Until the next morning natural, fresh palm sap runs into bound pots. This sap immediately starts fermenting in these pots and thereby has a natural alcohol level of up to 5% when harvested in the morning.   

Traditionally produced & directly bottled

The sweet coconut toddy is then traditionally consumed the same day in small local toddy taverns or directly bottled. For the sugar palm sap we stop the natural fermentation process already in the tree tops to get non-alcoholic pure and clear palm sap.

The basis of a good arrak

This sweet palm sap builds the basis of our premium arrak. Several times mildly distilled after an old recipe & then stored in barrels in the tropical heat of our palm plantation, produced from 100% pure, natural palm sap - Europe’s first Arrak for more than 100 years.

Palm wine worldwide

With a consumption of more then 4.5 billion liters per year palm wine is one of the top 5 alcoholic beverages of the world