The Grandfather of spirits is back!

Discovered 1000 BC at the banks of the Indus River, brought to Europe by Marco Polo in 1300 AC & until the 20th century the most popular spirit of the continent. The father of rum, vodka & raki is back.

Traditionally distilled from the sap of the palm blossom

Every morning our tappers climb into the high tree tops, cut the young palm blossom and bind a pot underneath them. Until the next morning pure, fresh palm sap runs into these pots - the basis of our premium Arrak.

Distilled several times & aged in barrels for 3 years

Through the multiple gentle distillation & the long aging in barrels in the tropical climat of our plantations our Arrak receives its unique tropical taste and its inimitable aroma - sweet & fruity, mild & smooth.

With a fine aroma of vanilla & tropical timber

With its inimitable fine aroma, its exceptionally smooth body and the fine note of tropical timber PALMS Arrak can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in a fine exotic cocktail. As a real Arrak it also serves great for any kind of traditional hot or cold punch creation.