For more than 7000 years palm sap represents not only one of the oldest & most natural beverages of mankind, but also the beginning of almost all spirits.
The PALMS GmbH has set itself the goal to bring this magnificent drink in all its facets back to Europe and back into the 21 st century, while preserving its natural constitution, its cultural function & its historical heritage. All our products are traditionally produced and professionally processed with modern machinery


The PALMS GmbH located in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 2012 to produce Europe’s best Arrak & to bring this magnificent spirit back into today´s bar shelves. To do so we first had to deal very thoroughly with the base material palm sap and wine.

As a result we have now not only created the best European Arrak since 100 years, but are also Europe’s only supplier of professionally processed palm wine and sap. Today we are producing on several palm plantations in Asia & Africa next to our rewarded Arrak pure palm wine, clear palm sap, as well as palm sugar and palm syrup.


Palm sap and palm wine are considered as one of the most efficient ways to help the poor rural population in third world countries of asia and afrika get out of poverty. Because everybody who has a palm tree in the back of his house can produce palm sap & earn extra money by selling it to local factories. For many rice farmers in asia the production of palm sap represents the second & some times more stable income. As the palm trees don´t get damaged through the harvest and don´t need any fertilizer or extra water to produce the palm sap, all is needed is manpower. The FAO has therefore declared palm sugar from palm sap as the only sustainable sugar type. Similar applies for all other products made from palm sap.

The PALMS GmbH supports several small farmers and manufactures in asia & afrika with technical machinery & know how to optimize their production, professionally process the raw materials & to successfully market their products.